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Our motto: ctrl-alt-preserve

ACMS President John Deane

ex-CSIRO &
co-inventor of wi-fi

Since 1994, it has been the dream of the ACMS to open a dedicated computer museum to the public – something which every other developed country already has.

In 2018, the ACMS has seen an influx of new blood and with it, revitalised energy – our new members will not tire, nor will they surcease in their efforts until Australia, like every other developed country, has a dedicated computer museum.

In the early days of computing, Australia was a world leader –  the third country in the world to design and build a functional computer. Can’t we now, in our trillion-dollar economy, support a computing heritage museum to preserve the artifacts and history of this marvellous technology which we helped pioneer?

Our members have been working tirelessly for many decades to save and preserve the many computers and associated documentation, software, peripherals, photos, manuals, magnetic media already in our collection.

We are seeking Government support, and private and corporate donations, to open our museum to the public in a suitable building. Our many volunteers of long experience in computing will be in attendance to assist visitors.

We will invite afficionados of vintage computing to join in, demonstrating their recovered / restored computer systems to us all, and encourage them to participate in the quest for a full complement of the history of computing in Australia.

From the early days of valve machines, to the minicomputers of the 70’s, to the bedroom revolution of home PC’s – the history of computers is a rich, fascinating and compelling tale, full of many intrigues, surprises, tragedies and moments of levity.

Help us tell this story by joining or making an ongoing contribution.

Give Australia something to be genuinely proud about again.


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